My All-New Kindle Paperwhite 2013 is Excellent


I enjoy reading books sometime but I’m not an avid reader. Anyway, I recently bought the All-new Kindle Paperwhite 2013. This is an awesome e-book reader; I can understand why this device is so popular among book lovers!

At first Kindle fire was my first option. I thought I like the idea of surfing internet on the go and read books too. Then, I did some more thorough research and finally settle down on Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013, a dedicated e-reader. When I first did Kindle Fire HD Vs Kindle Fire HD 8.9, the thing that make me pick Kindle Paperwhite is the screen display. Here, I’ll share why I choose Kindle Paperwhite over Kindle Fire.

Top Features of All New Kindle Paperwhite 2013

Kindle dedicated e-reader uses the most advance electronic ink called E Ink. The display reflects lights like ordinary paper with no glare even when you read in the direct sunlight. Additionally, there is very less or no eyestrain. Kindle Fire employ LCD screens, so you get the usual disadvantages of LCD displays such as glare and eyestrain. You can’t read for long hours without straining your eyes.

Moreover LCD display devices are known to be very bad with battery life. You can’t possibly expect to get more than 10 hours of usage, and this is for the best rated devices. Kindle on the other hand will give you 2 months of battery life based on half an hour of every day reading. That is truly amazing! When you compare Kindle Paperwhite Vs Kindle Fire the Fire battery life last about 8 hours, that’s a huge difference.

Another advantage of using Kindle 2013 is the amazing ecosystem of Amazon. You can download millions of e-books on the go! Most of the e-book cost less than $5, much cheaper than paperback. I’d love to save money whenever possible, and a lot of you guys would like to do the same. You will be able to download book straight from the Kindle in less than 1 minute.

Kindle Paperwhite can store more than a thousand books. It weighs less than 250 grams and truly portable. This is like carrying your home library with you anywhere you go, be it at your work place or vacation all the books you like are at your finger tips. And remember you don’t have to ever worry about battery life like the tablet or laptop.

It is not just very efficient and comfortable to read books but it is also very elegant and stylish. You can flaunt it around with your friends and colleagues and make them yearn for it.

The All-New Kindle Paperwhite is not expensive at all! I guess this one is the most reasonable gadget I had ever bought for myself. I bought the 3G version with special offers for less than $180. I highly recommend this e-reader and especially if you love reading.

Why Would You Ladies Start using Electric Shavers


Regarding cosmetics and make-up products women are considered to be an expert over men and knows what is best for them. Elegance is not simply an issue of minor value to women; they have actually constantly been obsessed with the idea of looking excellent whether it is for the guy in their life or for themselves.

This is why women comply with specific treatments that aid them gain that confidence in their good looks.  Waxing or shaving is an everyday female beauty ritual and that needs to be finished a way that leaves them really feeling fresh and energetic.

Electric razors are ideal for the female of modern-day times, none of us have enough time in the day to do all that we intend to manually. Investing 20 minutes additional in the shower every few days truly doesn’t assist us does it? If you are doing so, it is time that you get a good shaver for yourselves. Visit Pick My Shaver website to read some of the best electric shaver reviews available on the market.

Modern innovations with electric shavers are making our cutting rituals much better and easier than ever before. Electric shavers are now very efficient and reliable, no more screams of agony as they rip your hair out as with threading.

They not only provide the ideal epilator yet they also have all type of additional attachments that could be used through shapers, trimmers and many other options. Electric razors last much longer and include service warranties so one doesn’t have to fret about the quality of the item. Like average mobile phone that could be charged, energy shavers can be conveniently billed for future usage. This makes the device mobile and can be absorbed your travel bag along with from one washroom to another. Mens electric shaver are expensive such as this one here – But ladies electric shavers are comparatively very reasonably priced.

Ladies electric razor blades provide a comfortable procedure of shaving that additionally works better. Instead of getting manual blades regularly, electric shavers are a one-time investment that will last so much longer than any type of razor blade. They are the perfect and an ideal accessory for all females and which could be utilized effortlessly and with convenience.

While waxing is a ritual common with most women, yet you will face a great deal of pain if you are waxing with certain areas. Put the expense and the pain level together and waxing truly isn’t really a good idea for a lot of ladies. Aside from that some ladies with delicate skin cannot make use of waxing as a way of obtaining rid of excess hair. This is why many females prefer women electric shavers that can be utilized anytime and anywhere. They also offer an inexpensive and comfortable option for shaving. I love my experience of using electric shavers no matter what they said.

Back to December…


I can’t believe it’s December already! Not that I’m complaining…I love the holidays! I love decorating, I love making cards, I love making cookies, I love eating, I love Christmas shopping, I love snow! I’M SO EXCITED. This is probably the most enthusiastic blog post I have written in a long time. But I freaking love the holiday season. Even though sometimes it can be really cheesy and commercialized, there’s definitely a kind of magic to it that’s unlike other season. More days of Blogmas to come! Meanwhile…check out my new room decorations (:

Day Two – Segunda Cruz (The School)


It poured rain last night in a typical Antigua fashion and thus I learned the Spanish word for wet or mojado. We are living in the city of San Miguel Escobar just outside Antigua, so we went into the city to change our money. Antigua has a beautiful little central park with a fountain in the middle and many tourists. Vendors and shoe shiners kept coming up to us and offering their goods. I wish I could help them by buying some of the jewelry, but our leaders advised us not to, just for the sake of time. One-story buildings line the cobblestone streets and the walls are all yellow and orange. It’s such a beautiful city.

After lunch at our homestays, our dad taught us a card game. It was like Go Fish…only not. I think my roommates and I got the hang of it, but needless to say we were confused for most of the time. We taught our dad how to play BS, which is confusing enough for me to explain in English, let alone in Spanish. I think our dad ultimately understood our broken-Spanish explanation and we finished one game (I lost. Badly). The fun of that afternoon wasn’t really in card games, but in trying to explain to each other the different games and all having a good laugh when we got confused, or getting excited when it made sense. Our dad had a blast learning BS and thought it was the funniest thing when I kept losing. I truly think that a huge part of our bond with our host family was from the funny moments of confusion or misunderstanding where we would all have a good laugh at each other. They were incredibly patient with us and we were all unafraid to joke or laugh at ourselves; I think we made a good family.

Later in the day, we went to visit one of the schools that Global Visionaries (the program I was with) had built in the past for a severely underprivileged Mayan village. The vans dropped us off at the foot of a long dirt hill, where we piled into the backs of two pickup trucks. The long dirt road had been partially washed out and eroded and it was in terrible condition. The trucks had to drive in a zigzag pattern to avoid the foot-deep ravines that had been carved out in multiple channels all down the road. Based on the number bruises I had from that ride, I don’t think there was a single strip of smooth road on the entire thing!

The school, Segunda Cruz, was composed of several classrooms and an open courtyard. It was adjacent to the Mayan village, so that the families could send their children to school. Before Segunda Cruz was built, the families couldn’t send their kids to school because it was too far and too dangerous. We were taken into the house of one of the families and we got the opportunity to talk the parents and the kids. The house was held up by thin wooden poles and the walls were corrugated tin leaning on the poles. The floor was simply dirt. They had three children and both parents had very little education. They worked out in the fields and received a very small income. We asked the mother, “Do you consider your life to be hard?” She paused for a moment, then replied that it was. She spoke of how it was hard, making sure there was enough to eat for her three children and working away from home in the fields. I feel guilty that there are times that I feel my own life is hard, when my problems are no where near those of hers. Her family struggles to have the basics, yet I take so much for granted. Still, there was hope. She could send her children to school now and she hoped that through that they can have a better future.

After dinner, at sobremesa with our host family, we talked about our dad’s job. He told us how he was currently unemployed, after being laid off from an accounting job. He was going up to the coffee fields to make money for the time being. He had gone to college, but did not have enough money to complete his degree. In his opinion, he would have reached success if he would be able to go to the United States. Like many, he saw it as a place for opportunity. However, to attain a visa to visit the United States, he would need a well-paying job, a house, a car, and a significant amount of money. Without a job they would never grant him one. The other option, he said, would be to go in illegally, which he said was much too risky. He said that he would have to risk getting shot in Mexico, getting deported in Arizona, and it was likely that even other Guatemalans in the US would not be friendly to him. Although my host family seemed relatively middle-class in Guatemala, understanding the financial situations of the families in Guatemala was powerful. These families are very much stuck where they are, due to a system that keeps those in poverty poor. The United States strict visa policies too, contribute to a system where those who need them cannot get opportunities to rise out of poverty. We’re contributing to the problem, whether we like it or not.

And you say it’s raining in your heart

Child-SoldiersHow do you get people to care? I struggle with this every day. I know and see people who don’t seem to stand for anything. They just wanna be more popular or look hotter. Not that there’s anything wrong with these things; it’s human. But beyond that…do you stand for something? Do you care?

Whether it’s the abducted child soldiers in many African countries or the lack of clean water in developing countries, do you care about something? Everyone reads the articles, feels sad for five seconds, and moves on. How many people actually stop to truly care? And really do something about it? Actions speak louder than words, man.

I’m not writing this post to act like I’m some kind of Mother Theresa that is completely selfless and saintly. I know I’m not. I’m just voicing one of the things that is most important in my life. This will sound cliché, but I desperately want to do something good for the world. Over the past few years, I’ve developed this crazy, burning desire to help other people or create something positive and impactful on the world. I hope that one day I’ll be able to relieve some of the horrific suffering in the world. I’m lucky enough to be born middle-class in the United States, which means I’m better off than a huge majority of people in this world. Ít’s not a want, but a NEED for me to give back somehow. I don’t think I could live with myself otherwise.

The desire to help end the so much of the sadness and suffering in the world is what drives me at the end of the day. People think I’m crazy for what I put myself through in school, but the way I see it, if what I do here can get me into a really good college, the more I’ll have the ability to create powerful positive change.

I’m lucky that most of my closest friends are people who think the same way, but sometimes looking around, it just makes me incredibly sad to see people caught up in materialism or complaining about the extremely privileged lives we get to live here.

Tell me what you stand for.